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  • Finnish quality for the transport industry
    Finnish quality for the transport industry

    TMT products are finnish quality - Did you know that TMT products are designed and manufactured in Finland?

    TMT's headquarters and production are located in Lahti. In our production, we manufacture and design both standard products and customized solutions. Thanks to our own manufacturing, we meet customer needs, ensure high product quality and flexible deliveries.

    From our online store, you can directly order our standard products, such as toolboxes, brackets and many other additional parts and accessories, so that you always get the products you need as quickly and easily as possible. TMT standard products are made of high-quality and durable materials in Finland, offering safe and reliable components for your needs.

    Does your truck, commercial vehicle or other kind of transport need a customized solution? At TMT, we also design and manufacture customized solutions that suit your needs.

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  • DuuniExpo 2024
    DuuniExpo 2024

    Last week we got to participate in DuuniExpo. DuuniExpo organized at LAB university of applied sciences was full of encounters and networking. Many eager students came to our department to ask about TMT and the job opportunities we offer. We also distributed bags, water bottles and badges at our stand, and the bags in particular were popular. Even the water bottles ran out quickly.

    TMT's values ​​essentially include sustainable business and respect for individuals. It is important to us that everyone is treated with respect and dignity and that they have good working conditions.

    DuuniExpo was a successful event again this year and thanks to everyone who came to our stand to ask questions and discuss. You can follow our open positions from here and we always accept open applications. Hope to see you next year too! 

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  • TMT to the New Year of 2024
    TMT to the New Year of 2024
     The year 2023 is over and we at TMT are ready for the new year of 2024!

    The year 2023 included a lot of new things. We opened our new online store, which makes browsing and ordering our products even easier. During the year, many new products also arrived in our selection. The new products included new accessories for the toolboxes, such as lash holders, the lash reel and toolbox collars, the Voimasampo backup power supply, underrun guards, and TMT toolboxes also got a new look. We also got to respond to customers' wishes with our customized solutions. 

    Our theme last year revolved around safety, E-approved products and security solutions. The products around that theme were on display at last year's Transport fair. The fair also featured the products of our newest collaborator, Rockinger, and together with the TMT underrun guard, Rockinger's

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