1. TMT and Pekki: One of a kind tables in a unique transport

    TMT and Pekki: One of a kind tables in a unique transport

    One of a kind  tables in a unique transport

    TMT got to accept a new challenge and customize a transportation box for the transport of unique Pekki tables. Pekki tables are made in Finland from trees felled in Finnish yards and parks for which no other use has been found, so that the material is not wasted. Making the tables is a patient project and each one is its own unique piece. Since a limited number of tables are produced, it is important that the transport is safe and designed to support the table's parts.

    TMT's transportation boxes are based on lightweight construction, impact resistance, and dust and waterproof properties to ensure ultimate protection and safe transportation for these handcrafted tables. Made of high-quality aluminum and using high-quality components, the transport box is carefully designed to perfectly fit the dimensions of the Pekki tables. This ensures that every part

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  2. TMT participates in the Transport & Logistics fair

    TMT participates in the Transport & Logistics fair

    TMT's security and protection solutions on display at the Transport & Logistics fair.

    Fall is getting off to a fast start with the biggest event of the year! Transport & Logistics is known as the largest trade fair in the field, and this year you will also find TMT's stand there. The fair will take place at NOVA Spektrum in Lillestrøm, Norway, from September 28 to September 30, 2023.

    This year, our theme has revolved around safety, security solutions and E-approved products. The fair will therefore also feature products that fit the theme, such as TMT toolboxes, side protection Aero with TMT toolbox and TMT underrun guards.

    Come and meet us at stand D04-06 in hall D and examine our products on display. We are ready to answer questions about our products and to help offer a TMT product solution that meets your needs. See you in Norway!

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  3. TMT Maintenance body kit at Maxpo

    TMT Maintenance body kit at Maxpo

    Maxpo, Finland's largest special exhibition of land construction and environmental maintenance machines, will be held on 31.8. – 2.9.2023 at Hyvinkää airport. Even though TMT doesn't have its own stand at the fair, you can still find us there!

    You can find the TMT maintenance body kit at Toyota Auto Finland Oy stand B50. The maintenance body kit built into the Toyota Hilux is not only practical but also has a streamlined and aesthetic appearance. Our expert presenter will also be there, so feel free to come and get to know the possibilities offered by the TMT maintenance body kit and ask more questions! You can also find our salespeople walking around and are ready to answer questions.

    Register for free now and get to know the maintenance body kit solutions offered by TMT. Malinen Oy. See you at Toyota's stand B50!

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  4. Get ready for Autumn with out newest products

    Get ready for Autumn with out newest products

    During the quiet summer season, we have added new products to our selection. From TMT's own production L-support, toolbox bracket and toolbox collars can be ordered in our online store. The brackets, designed for TMT's toolboxes, are made of hot-dip galvanized steel. The brackets guarantee durable and strong support for TMT tool boxes. Made of polished stainless steel, the collar is the perfect and stylish addition to TMT toolboxes.


    Whether you have a toolbox mounted under the

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  5. Remember to place your order in time before Midsummer!

    Remember to place your order in time before Midsummer!

    We close on Thursday 22.6. at 14:00

    Remember to place your order in time!
    Orders received before 12 o'clock will be tried to be dispatched on the same day.

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  6. Cooperation started with Rockinger!

    Cooperation started with Rockinger!
    We have started a cooperation with Rockinger!

    Our theme this year has revolved around safety, E-approved products and security solutions. Related to our theme, we have started a cooperation with Rockinger and our product range is growing with a new underrun protection system. Rockinger towing hitches and traverse combined with TMT underrun protection form a E-approved package. Towing hitches connect the trailer and the vehicle with the help of a drawbar. The parts are installed on the draw beam and with the help of side plates on the TMT underrun guard.


    For more information, contact:
    Sales director Kaj Tammela +358 44 7420 502 |


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  7. Our products are transported climate-friendly

    Our products are transported climate-friendly

    Achieving responsibility goals requires concrete actions and now we are one step closer to our goals. Our products travel with Kaukokiito BIO, which reduces the carbon footprint by up to 90%.

    As part of our sustainable development strategy, we want to reduce our waste as much as possible and we see it as a resource. That's why we chose Kaukokiito BIO to transport our products. Kaukokiito BIO delivers the products climate-friendly with renewable diesel. It is made from 100% reusable raw materials, such as waste. With Kaukokiito BIO, the carbon footprint of transportation is reduced by up to 90%, which reduces the product's climate impact.

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  8. New: Outrigger pads

    New: Outrigger pads

    Outrigger pads prevent machines such as vehicle cranes, personal cranes and concrete trucks from sinking into the ground. They are strong but light. Outrigger pads are made of high-quality plastic that does not absorb moisture and does not break or crack. Products in stock:


    581104 Outrigger pad 400x400x40

    581105 Outrigger pad 500x500x60

    581106 Outrigger pad 600x600x60


    For more information about other sizes and outrigger pad stowage boxes, contact:

    Sales director Kaj Tammela +358 44 7420 502 |




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  9. Introducing: Voimasampo

    Introducing: Voimasampo

    Introducing : Voimasampo backup power supply!

    Voimasampo backup power supply is a battery pack with a charger for parking lights for short parkings. The batteries are automatically charged while driving via the lighting circuit.

    The system works with 8Ah batteries and 3A charging current. With a power of 48W, the operating time is about 4 hours (24W ≈ 8 h) (applies to fully charged batteries in good condition at a temperature of +20 °C).  At temperatures below zero (0–20 °C), the operating time is approximately 30–50% shorter.

    Installed in a suitable place on the frame or on the inside of the structure with the two supplied housing brackets. If the battery pack is installed inside the structure, an external button can be installed for easy access.

    Technical infromation:

    Voltage: 24V

    Battery: 8Ah

    Charge: 3A

    Length: 380

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  10. NEW: Armaton MP Pick-up Flatbed

    NEW: Armaton MP Pick-up Flatbed

    New Armaton MP Pick-up Flatbed

    The new compact aluminum flatbed is designed for light goods transport vehicles, such as pick-up trucks. The Armaton MP system is modular and assembly of the flatbed does not require special tools.

    The Armaton MP pick-up flatbed is a solution for small and medium-sized vehicle body builders and is based on the same type of platform concept that has long been used in the vehicle industry. 

    The system is built from ready-to-use aluminum profiles. The profiles are slid into the frame profile, depending on what is being built. The result is a very light and stable flatbed without welding or special joints. The small and compact size of this platform makes it even easier to install.

    Armaton pick-up flatbed is characterized by a streamlined and clean design. This maximizes the load area and facilitates the construction of purpose-built work vehicles. The

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