Transport boxes

TMT designs and manufactures robust and high-quality Transportation boxes for the military-, healthcare- , music-, construction-, and shipyard industries. TMT Transportation boxes are suitable for heavy loads and therefore can be used by professionals around the world.

With TMT Transportation boxes you can transport sensitive medical equipments, expensive musical instruments and installations or even construction tools and hardware. Products can also be found in fire & rescue trucks.

Robust design

Transportation boxes are designed to be light weight, impact resistant, dust and waterproof. Boxes are made from marine grade aluminum and high-quality components. Products are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Transportation boxes are customized according to customer needs, therefore the dimension of the boxes can be modified and the access to the boxes can be changed from doors to lids or even roller doors.

TMT. Malinen is also able to manufacture Transportation boxes in stainless steel and sandwich panel material.

Industrial transportboxes

Industrial Transportation Boxes are designed for the internal and external logistics of industrial facilities. Boxes support heavy loads as the payload of the boxes are 800 - 1100 kg and the actual box in relation is light in weight.

Easy access to the inside of the boxes through a top openable lid. Structure made of durable 25 mm anodized aluminum profile. Movable with cranes and forklifts. Internal lashing points guarantee the stability of the freight during transporation. External lashing points enable the firm docking of the boxes during airfreight and relocation of the boxes with cranes.

Light transportation boxes

Light transportation boxes are designed for the transportation of light tools and equipment. Payload under 100kg. Easy access to the inside of the box. Light weight allows the easy movement from location to location. Optimal for military-, pharmaceutical and music industries. Also used in fire & rescue vehicles.

Product information:

  • 1200 x 1100 x 800 mm
  • Surface material alumium
  • Stainless steel top lid with lock
  • Retractable handle or fixed handle
  • Wheels 2 pcs

Producsts can be modified according to customer needs.

Heavy transportation boxes

Heavy transportation boxes for payloads over 100 kg. 

Design allows the transportation of long goods, heavy tools and equipment. Most commonly used in military-, healthcare-, construction- and shipyard industries. Also available for the transportation of heavy musical installations.

Every product is designed according to customer specification. Surface material of boxes is marine grade aluminum or anodized aluminum profile.

Part options:

  • Wheels
  • Handles
  • Top lids
  • Two surface openable lids
  • Gas springs
  • Air valves
  • Painted according to RAL codes
  • Adjustable fasteners
  • Composite locks

Last Mile transportation boxes

Last Mile transportation boxes designed for "last mile" deliveries. 

Especially designed to be transported by bicycles and electrical vans. Optimized for the transportation of small packages and parcels. Last Mile Transportation boxes can also be modified for the transportation of groceries and restaurant pickups.

Last mile Transportation boxes are available also in stainless steel and sandwich panel material. Producsts can be modified according to customer needs. A small battery can be mounted to the box for a GPS tracking chip and for electric locks.

Product information:

  • 1200 x 1100 x 800 mm
  • Body and surface materials aluminium
  • IP65
  • Payload 200 kg
  • Weight 67 kg
  • Roll-up doors or pair doors with locks
  • Handles
  • Wheels 4 pcs.

Similar Last Mile box in sandwich panel material weighs 45 kg.